South Australia has a long history in Olive Oil

In 1910 The [South Australian] Daily Herald praised olive oil as "an excellent food". " cooking", it continued, "it is regarded by experts in the culinary art as practically indispensable". Daily Herald 1910 “A few and favoured parts only of the globe can grow the olive . . . those parts that can, should grow the olive. South Australia can, therefore South Australia should grow it." Sir Samuel Davenport in a lecture to the Adelaide Chamber of manufactures in 1875.

To learn more about the history of the olive industry in South Australia from 1836 to about 1960 and the culinary uses of olive oil in nineteenth and early twentieth century South Australia visit This dedicated site put together by Craig Hill should interest anyone curious about the Australian olive industry or the history of South Australia.

Adelaide City Council now has a 'Parkland Olive Management Plan' to support preservation, remediation and active maintenance of the groves considered to be of historical significance. Some consider the historical presence of the olives in Adelaide today should be used for Adelaide to reclaim its title of the 'Olive capital of Australia'.

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